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James Turrell
Skygarden | Sculptures by James Turrell | San Francisco Federal Building in San Francisco

Skygarden - Sculptures

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James Turell's "Skygarden" (neon; 2007) is a unique architectural lighting element created within a three-story opening in the south facade of the Morphosis-designed San Francisco Federal Building.

During twilight and after sundown, Turrell’s work comes to life, saturating the space with colored light. Seen from the exterior, Skygarden creates a luminous, singular beacon from myriad vantage points. The three-story void appears as a glowing block of color set into the building; a ribbon of neon extends diagonally from the terrace up the façade of the building, following a seam in its perforated metal skin. Another band of light is embedded in the plaza at street level, completing the geometric figure that begins high up on the facade.

Skygarden is lit from dusk until 10 p.m. for exterior viewing. During daylight hours, the space provides views of the sky and surrounding cityscape from its terrace and a pair of suspended walkways.

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