Sculptures by Dustin Payne Studio, Inc. seen at Artesia, Artesia - Mack the Bulldog, Artesia NM High School
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Item Mack the Bulldog, Artesia NM High School
As seen in Artesia, Artesia, NM

Mack the Bulldog, Artesia NM High School

Sculptures by Dustin Payne Studio, Inc., as seen in Artesia, Artesia, NM

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Bronze Sculpture of the Mascot of the Artesia Bulldogs

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Dustin Payne Studio, Inc.

Dustin Payne Studio, Inc.

Cody, WY

Sculptor Honoring the Heritage of the American West in Bronze Sculpture

Dustin Payne is known for his western portrayal of history in bronze sculpture. With his traditional style, he encapsulates the feeling and detail of the western way of life.

Growing up as a third generation sculptor in his family, he began learning the trade at an early age. He enjoyed reading the history and art books in his father’s studio, learning alongside him and being influenced by the great artists that came before. Feeling fortunate to have always been surrounded by great mentors, horses, and ranching, Dustin adds a little bit of his own heritage in every piece of artwork that he sculpts.

Dustin is fascinated with the American West, which inspires him to study and recreate these historical moments in his own artwork. He believes this exciting and beautiful era should be preserved for future generations and is honored to capture it in bronze.

You can find Dustin’s life-size monument honoring the history of the Texas Rangers, “The Legend, The Lore, The Law”, in Fredericksburg, Texas, and is busy this year, working on a life-size monument of Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving for Pueblo, Colorado. Dustin’s art is in fine art galleries across the country.

Available for commission/custom work