Sculptures by Darryl Cox  , Jr. of Fusion Frames NW seen at Private Residence, Bend - River
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Item River
As seen in Private Residence, Bend, OR


Sculptures by Darryl Cox , Jr. of Fusion Frames NW, as seen in Private Residence, Bend, OR

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Fusion Frames NW completed this commission piece "River" for two wonderful people. The negative space between the two parts was always an integral part, but its importance grew in the creative process.

Meet the Creator

Darryl Cox  , Jr. of Fusion Frames NW

Darryl Cox , Jr. of Fusion Frames NW

Bend, OR


A reclaimed tree branch or root, a re-purposed frame, and my passion — art that unites humble, as well as involved, objects, into a kind of their own. I create art that is distinctive and intricate, yet in its truest sense, uncomplicated.

As much as I embrace convention in art, and I certainly do, my Fusion Frame art fulfills the part of me that says “no” to convention. That it is not only okay to be avant-garde, it is right. I like to embrace alternatives to an accepted order in art. To even, at times, completely ignore conventions when fashioning a piece and enjoy the unbounded ability to create by refusing to be limited by precept.

I enjoy seeking out unique frames, wherever they may be. And, I love being outdoors reclaiming extraordinary tree branches and roots. Especially when most of the time it involves spending a day or two in the forests of Central Oregon, but other wonderful places, too. It is a challenge to match a frame and branch. Finding a faultless marriage is rewarding in and of itself. Then, each project involves woodworking, sculpting and painting; which I also enjoy. I find it meaningful to commit the time required to merge a man-made as well as natural element into an artwork that captures imagination. Tailoring a Fusion Frame with a sentimental object for someone is even more rewarding — it captures life!

I have been making Fusion Frame art since 2011; and, I am passionate about Fusion Frames and passing them on to others, so that they can enjoy them as much as I do. My passion drives me to never accept limits on the possibilities.

Available for commission/custom work