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Created and Sold by High on Hooking

High on Hooking

Red Rocks and Superfund Sites Bench Cover/Wall Hanging/Table Runner - Rugs

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Despite its name, "Red Rocks and Superfund Sites" looks great on a bench or table. Even a wall. It starts a conversation. It's born out of the American Southwest, a seemingly desolate yet beautiful place. But humans have touched it and not always for the best. The mat draws attention to this with its plastic bag "Superfund Sites" strewn among our touted Red Rocks.

The rug measures 31.5 by 11 inches. A cotton twill binding tape finishes the rug and provides additional durability.

"Red Rocks and Superfund Sites" is hooked on monks' cloth with recycled t-shirts and plastic bags.

Item Red Rocks and Superfund Sites Bench Cover/Wall Hanging/Table Runner
Created by High on Hooking
As seen in Albuquerque, NM, USA, Albuquerque, NM
High on Hooking
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Hand-hooked mats; recycled materials

Here at High on Hooking we do “less than traditional” rug hooking. That is, the mats and rugs aren’t necessarily fashioned using only woolen strips or yarn. I prefer to “up-cycle” my materials from old clothes (even t-shirts and jeans!), funky fabrics, old bed sheets, and notions like yarns and ribbon. Cutting cloth strips by hand to a fairly broad width gives each mat a bit of a rustic and bulky charm, creating something you can really sink your toes into. They look good on the wall and on tables too.