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Grimanesa Amorós
Public Sculptures by Grimanesa Amorós seen at 125 Maiden Lane, New York - BREATHLESS MAIDEN LANE


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Breathless Maiden Lane, a monumental light sculpture installation, was featured in New York City’s financial district. The intent of the piece was to conjure up excitement tantamount to the energy found in the city. Amorós explained: “New Yorkers have especially developed habits of dealing with a multitude of stimuli that surrounds us every day. When viewers approach the light installation, I want to override their tendencies to ignore the environment and increase their awareness of their surroundings.”

The sculpture’s light sequence was designed to shift and change as the viewer walks around its architectural complexity. The concept of Breathless Maiden Lane is to provoke a sensation of wonderment and awe, leaving them breathless.

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Grimanesa Amorós

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Grimanesa Amorós (born in Lima, Peru, lives and works in New York City) is an interdisciplinary American artist, globally known for her large-scale light sculpture installations. She has diverse interests in the fields of social history, scientific research and critical theory, which have greatly influenced her work. Her process remains organic and instinctive. The intuitive relationship to technology is a distinctive feature of Amorós’ practice. Amorós researches the locations, histories and communities of the installation sites. Her works incorporates elements from sculpture, video, lighting, and technology to create site-specific installations to engage architecture and create community.”

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