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Created and Sold by Adrian Moakes

Adrian Moakes
Cascade | Public Sculptures by Adrian Moakes
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Cascade - Public Sculptures

Featured In Rainhill, United Kingdom

Adrian was selected for this commission by Rainhill Environmental Community Organisation on the strength of his previous work with local community groups and schools throughout the neighbouring borough of Knowsley. Over the previous ten years he had also been building a national reputation for unique public artworks inspired by nature, so when Rainhill ECO were looking for an artist with such interests and experience, Adrian was their first choice.

The group was originally formed when various Rainhill residents got together to transform a nearby patch of wasteland into a community garden. After much hard work clearing the area and improving the ground conditions, they were helped by a local council officer and received a grant from the regional waste authority to enable their ambitious plans to become reality. New trees, shrubs and wildflower areas were planted, garden benches and planters were purchased, a commemorative plaque, mosaic sundial and sculpture were commissioned.

The design of ‘Cascade’ was a collaborative and experimental journey in which Adrian held a series of drawing and sculpture workshops with the core community group, dozens of local residents and schoolchildren in order to generate and develop ideas for the artwork. Adrian’s photographs from the wild flower garden provided the inspiration and his unique approach of teaching people how to ‘draw in space’ with wire provided the means of expression.

The result was an interactive water sculpture that delights, intrigues and entertains all who visit the garden. It also serves the practical purpose of collecting rainwater and distributing it to the flower beds.

Rainhill ECO group raised further funding to commission Adrian to create a sculptural lectern to display information about the garden. They chose to incorporate poppies in its design to mark the centenary anniversary of the start of the Great War.

The grand opening of Rainhill Eco Garden was a joyous occasion, with children excitedly pouring water on the sculpture and chasing its path as it cascaded down the series of leaf forms towards the gardens.

Dimensions: 1.3 x 7 x 0.3 m (h x w x d)
Materials: Welded, galvanized & treated mild steel
Fabrication: Adrian Moakes
Installation: AM & Rainhill ECO Group volunteers
Management: Rainhill ECO Group
Funding: Merseyside Recycling & Waste Authority

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Adrian Moakes
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Adrian Moakes has over 30 years experience creating unique public artworks through local research, consultation and design workshops. He is well known for encouraging communities to participate in the creation of site-specific sculptures that invigorate and enhance the environment.

Not only does Adrian enable people to participate in the development of designs, but many of his permanent sculptures have a surprising interactive aspect to them. This has grown from his popular early work - junk kinetic pieces that you had to peddle, push or wind to experience the full effect. Many a park, gallery, school, nightclub & theatre resounded to the clangs, bongs, rattles and laughter that accompanied his installations.

Public commissions require rather more safety and reliability, but Adrian finds intriguing ways to entertain and involve people in the finished works. Often this has been by creating spacial illusions, enticing the viewer to seek out optimum viewpoints from where images are magically formed by the seemingly disparate elements. Adrian calls it the ‘kinetic audience’. Then there’s his love of functional artworks – lots of sculptural benches, gateways, a couple of public clocks and even a water-collecting sculpture – there are so many ways to participate in his work.

The underlying motivation for Adrian (apart from getting his hands dirty) is to open people’s eyes to the beauty around them, to appreciate their natural & built environment and get involved in improving and looking after it.