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Created and Sold by Olivia Gude

Olivia Gude

Cannas & Corn: A Community Garden - Public Mosaics

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“Cannas & Corn: A Community Garden" (mixed media mosaic; 2004) is local artist Olivia Gude's commissioned piece for Chicago's Central Park subway station.

This mosaic commemorates the ephemeral public art form of the community garden. The immediate North Lawndale area has an active tradition of dedicated people who transform abandoned urban spaces into neighborhood amenities. They describe their work as “blight into sight.” The mosaic was fabricated in a community mosaic workshop to “plant the seeds” of mosaic making skills in the community so that locally made public art can become part of the garden making process.

Gude's work concentrates on creating community-based monuments that arise out of intensive collaborative processes with community members and with other professional artists.

Item Cannas & Corn: A Community Garden
Created by Olivia Gude