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Elysha Rei
Public Art by Elysha Rei seen at Kedron Brook Road, Wilston - The journey ever onward - Wilston public artworks
Public Art by Elysha Rei seen at Kedron Brook Road, Wilston - The journey ever onward - Wilston public artworks

The journey ever onward - Wilston public artworks

Commission time: 12-20 Weeks

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This series of work draws upon the architectural features of prominent historic homes of the area. Cast ironwork, filigrees, architraves and pressed metal ceilings have inspired a series of pattern work that decorates the balustrades, pavements and night-time projections in Wilston's village. Traditionally featuring European flora, these patterned designs instead feature embellishment with local native plants including Eucalyptus, Wattle and Lanoline. Blossoms, gumnuts and native leaves are paired with design cues from historic homes, connecting to the parks and gardens loved by the community. Featuring man-made and nature-inspired forms from the area, these artworks have established a unique Wilston identity.

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Elysha Rei

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Public Art, Hand cut paper, brush-painted murals and commissioned designs

​​​​Elysha Rei is a Japanese-Australian visual artist whose work draws upon her mixed heritage and lived experiences between cultures and communities. Works in paper cutting, public art and murals are created from personal and historical archives which embed narrative and symbolism within a Japanese design aesthetic. As a grandchild of a Japanese War Bride, Rei’s affinity to Japanese culture stems from the need to preserve her maternal heritage and connect with her Samurai and Tea Master ancestry. Drawn to Japanese design principles and elements in nature, Rei’s works feature strong patterns and motifs that stem from research into records, scientific research and commemorating points in history. With a desire to continually challenge her practice, artist residencies and personal travel inform an important element to her continued creative development. Since completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2008, Rei has created and exhibited work, curated exhibitions and managed cultural spaces across Australia, Japan, New Zealand Thailand and the US

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