Photography by Moodspace seen at Houston Airport Marriott at George Bush Intercontinental, Houston - Houston Airport Marriott - Photokinetic Art
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Item Houston Airport Marriott - Photokinetic Art
Created by Moodspace
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There is a beautiful photokinetic art found at the Houston Airport Marriott at George Bush Intercontinental. It was created by talented Malibu artist Arjuna Noor for MoodSpace. It is a business he launched to combine cutting-edge art, technology, and design.

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Los Angeles, CA

Malibu artist Arjuna Noor has developed a cutting edge way to let artwork define a room with MoodSpace, a business he launched several years ago that combines art, technology and design. His moving art, which can alter the feel of a room and the mood of those within it, is created with special LED lights (light emitting diodes). The technique has since advanced immensely and Noor’s work, which utilizes panels of LED lights that produce different colors that change as you gaze at an art piece, is modulated by a pre-programmed data and power source. Art from his archives, or custom designed art, is printed on huge segments of archival canvas and is wood-framed, or onto clear Plexi or frosted acrylic panels that is front- or backlit by LED panels. A wall-mounted dial controls the lighting effects or “light shows” that have been pre-programmed by Noor. This process of combining LED light technology with photographic fine art, Noor calls Photokinetics.”
“International award-winning mixed media fine artist, Arjuna Noor was Born in Bangladesh and preened in the hi-tech ethos of Silicon Valley, specifically at Apple, Inc. where he worked as a system test engineer” "

Available for commission/custom work