Pendants by TristianThornhill seen at TM Italia, Ascoli Piceno - Allium
Pendants by TristianThornhill seen at TM Italia, Ascoli Piceno - Allium
Image credit: Matteo Rossi
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Allium lamp marries the traditional processes of sketching and card prototyping in the initial stages of development to computer aided design and 3D printing in order to achieve the precision required for the structure of the lamp. They can be individually hung over a dining table for a soft inviting glow, or for more drama grouped together.
A convergence of nature and technology, Allium is a contemporary, high quality etched lamp inspired by the allium plant and brought to life with light. Its complex form belies its simplicity. Thirty identical plates are slotted together to form a globe, each crafted from a subtractive manufacturing process. The result is a beautiful lamp giving off intricate patterns to create unique ambience.
The process of creating the "globe look" of the allium plant that inpired it, started with researching Archimedean solids. Geometrically, it is a pentatruncated rhombic triacontahedron. After many prototypes and material choices requiring different manufacturing methods, the optimum choice was to have the final lamp made from stainless steel. The particular grade of stainless steel has just the right amount of spring and strength to be slotted together. However, unlike the natural wood and transluscent plastic prototypes, perforating the material was required to allow more light out. After an exhaustive process, the only suitable manufacturing method was to chemically etch the steel.
There is very little material wastage in its manufacture and pre assembly the lamp is 1/150th the volume of a fully assembled lamp. I assemble the plates to create the Allium lamp and produce all the artwork and instructions, which are supplied with the lamp.

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London, United Kingdom

Tristian Thornhill studied Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough University in the UK, graduating in 2001. He began his career as an industrial designer in consultancy and in-house design studios, having many patents under his name and recently winning a Red Dot award for his work on a range of consumer appliances. He has worked across many different sectors from furniture and drug delivery devices, to cordless vacuum cleaners and audio devices.
A life changing experience changed Tristian’s outlook on life and he saw that his love of design and lifelong ambition could be realised. Tristian founded the Tristian Thornhill brand in 2017 with the aim to design, develop and influence every aspect of creating beautiful products that connect with people.

Available for commission/custom work