Pendants by ONG CEN KUANG seen at CIRCA 1928 - a spa hotel, Albury - Krisan Pendant
Pendants by ONG CEN KUANG seen at CIRCA 1928 - a spa hotel, Albury - Krisan Pendant
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Item Krisan Pendant
Created by ONG CEN KUANG
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This lamp is formed by the combination of hand crochet technique and the flexibility of stainless steel strands as the material. The choice of black and rattan grey introduced a touch of elegance. The continuous undulating ever increasing curves of the crochet sequences resemble petals of chrysanthemum flowers. This lamp can be tilted to different angles suited to personal preferences.

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Denpasar, Indonesia

Handcrafted conceptual lighting. Designermaker in Bali for the world

‘At ONG CEN KUANG we create original, hand-crafted pieces that allows the unique materials’ characters to speak for themselves. Our creations are timeless and innovative, fusing traditional craft with modern elements, resulting in pieces filled with stories and soul.’

Our Brand Creative Director Budiman Ong has always been drawn to lighting, the irreplaceable element in any home. Keen to follow his passion in exploring different materials’ unique characters, signatures and his passion for modern designs, created ONG CEN KUANG in 2008, designing and building lighting fixtures by hand at our own workshop, one at a time, in our studio in Bali, Indonesia.

Trained in Gray’s School of Art and Robert Gordon University in Scotland, Ong’s Asian heritage fuels his inspiration and his western education intrinsically shapes his aesthetics and knowledge in design.

We do many projects across Indonesia and internationally as well as selling decorative lighting with our partners under ONG CEN KUANG as brand in Indonesia, France, Belgium, UK, Italy and US.

Available for commission/custom work