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Created and Sold by Tania Chanter

Tania Chanter

Plain Flight - Paintings

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Plain Flight is an original abstract landscape by Tania Chanter with focus on the dramatic sky and the movement of birds driven by the winds current. “I watched the swallows dancing through the Summer sky like self-propelled darts, occasionally flicking their wings as they thrust themselves towards ever-moving invisible targets”. Acrylic and ink on stretched canvas with blackened edges. Ready to hang. Two paintings, each is 102 x 76cm (total size of two canvasses 204 x 76cm).

Item Plain Flight
Created by Tania Chanter
As seen in Private Residence, Germany
Tania Chanter
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
Painting is a source of endless inspiration and satisfaction, and provides a wonderful avenue of self expression that can be shared.

Tania Chanter is a passionate Australian painter who has exhibited her work nationally. With a long-held desire to express the emotions she feels from nature, she composes works that convey the depth and richness of colors, the complexity of the sky and the romance and drama of storms, oceans and sunlight. She draws inspiration from unique Australian landscapes and works intuitively, guided by her emotions and the inner peace painting affords her. Chanter's resulting acrylic works are alluring, sensory, and full of energy.