The Last Communists' Convention

Paintings by Silvia Traistaru, in NordArtBüdelsdorf, Germany

Paintings by Silvia Traistaru seen at NordArt, Büdelsdorf - The Last Communists' Convention
Paintings by Silvia Traistaru seen at NordArt, Büdelsdorf - The Last Communists' ConventionPaintings by Silvia Traistaru seen at NordArt, Büdelsdorf - The Last Communists' ConventionPaintings by Silvia Traistaru seen at NordArt, Büdelsdorf - The Last Communists' Convention
Image credit: Silvia Traistaru

The Last Communists' Convention

More than 20 years after the fall of the Communism, most communist leaders are still present in the collective memory of the Romanian people. In 2004 I started this project by researching the communist phenomenon. The instalation “The Last Communists´Convention“ includes 24thtrypthics, 40×80 cm in size, painted in a pop style, representing portrets of the communist leaders: Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Ho Chi Minh, Josip Broz Tito, Mao Zedong, Nikita Khrushchev, Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, Deng Xiaoping, Władysław Gomułka, Leonid Brezhnev, Salvador Allende, Enver Hoxha, Todor Zhivkov, Kim Ilsung, János Kádár, Erich Honecker, Nicolae Ceauşescu, Alexander Dubček, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Hugo Chávez. Presentation of the installation in the exhibition will be done gradually, by the birthyear of the subject’s character. The title of this project refers to an imaginary meeting of all communist leaders, regardless of the era in which they lived. This project has been partially exhibited in 2005 in Mainz, Germany and totally exhibited in 2010 at Nord Art, also in Germany.

Meet the Creator

"Educational background:
1997-2002, The National University of Arts, Bucharest, with a B.A

Artistic Activity

2010, Finalist and Special Prize Arte Laguna Winner, Venice, Italy

2009, Finalist The Artist’s Magazine Competition

Solo exhibitions:

2016, “Unwritten Process” part of IEEB7 – Fabricated Histories. Fact and Fiction in Recent History, Institute of Art History “G. Opescu” of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest

2011, The Last Communists´Convention, Atelier 35, Bucharest

2005, Untitled, Bucharest Financial Plazza, Bucharest

Collective exhibitions (selection):

2018, Memory, Metropolis Art Collection, Bucharest

2015, Tendencies in Contemporary Romanian Painting, Romanian Embassy in Berlin

2015, Electric Field II, Odeon Gallery, Bucharest

2015, I.C.R Berlin, Berlin

2015, Memory of the Holocaust, White Night of the Galleries, Bucharest

2014, C.A.R. – Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany

2014, Bucharest Art Weekend, Bucharest

2014, Preview_C.A.R@Art Victoria Gallery, Bucharest

2014, Imago Mundi – The Art of Humanity, Treviso, Italy

2014, Art Safari, Bucharest Art Fair

2013, Benetton Collection “Snapshot Romania” (catalog)

2012, Doina, Anexa MNAC, Bucharest. Curator Simona Vilau

2012, Body world II, Vctoria Art Center, Bucharest (catalog)

2011, Fur & Skin, ArtYourself Gallery, Bucharest. Curators Simona Vilau, Valentina Iancu (catalog)

2011, New Figurative, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest

2011, Sillence KILLS, ArtYourself Gallery, Bucharest (catalog)

2011, How was it possible? Exhibition, Artyourself Gallery, Bucharest (catalog)

2011, John Baldessari: Your Name in Lights, The Holland Festival and The Stedelijk Museum

2011, The White Night of the Galleries, Bucharest, Panterei Art Space

2010, Nord Art – Kunst in der Carlshutte, Germany; curator Wolfgang Gramm (catalog)

2010, Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, Italy; curators Igor Zanti & Viviana Siviero (catalog)

2010, Arte Laguna Prize, Italian Institute of Culture, Prague and Wien

2009, Mobilehome, Lagar das Portas do Ceu, Loulé, Portugal; curator Nuno Faria

2009, Incotro 08 – Romanian Visual Survey, online project

2008, How do we look, online project, Florean Museum, Baia Mare, Romania"

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