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Michelle Betancourt
Paintings by Michelle Betancourt at Casa Cochera del Gobernador, Cartagena - Art piece
Image credit: Casa Cochera Del Gobernador

Art piece - Paintings

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Good Morning, Cartagena. Thanking God for being able to see my works mounted in the boutique hotel. Thank you Casa Cochera Del Gobernador and Saatchi Art.

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Michelle Betancourt
Meet the Creator
Michelle Vergara Betancourt American artist living in Barranquilla Colombia raised with Colombian parents. She was born in New Haven, Connecticut with proud Colombian nationality. She has a very talented family made of many painters and musicians, also around with an artistic heritage and sensitivity to the arts. Michelle is a fine lady dedicated to the arts. From an early age ed her artistic skills in ballet dancing. playing musical instruments like the piano, and advancing in her all-around studies. Fashion designs in C.E.N.C.A.B.A. In her new job, we see the texture, various figures, and bold colors; along with a spiritual technique. Her artwork involves religious icons of different cultures, products of an investigating religious process (God) and indigenous religions (gods). Many cultures are shown, as poetic and reflexive, they show the potential to support the creative. The cultures invite spectators to create dialogues with their beliefs. This artist always works in life, transmitting with her spiritual palettes and her joy. In her artistic career, she has worked with various tendencies that are modern and with much modern texture. The tendencies that form are little, but they hold many expressions with the strongest of color.