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Melissa Patel
Paintings by Melissa Patel seen at Private Residence, Toronto - Leaving The World Behind - textile painting

Leaving The World Behind - textile painting

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Leaving The World Behind, oil paint and fabric on unstretched canvas, 31 x 41 in., 2018.

This painting is part of my "Interwoven Histories" series. A series of tapestry styled paintings, which are the recounting of different stories and moments from my family’s history, being expressed simultaneously. I incorporate fabric taken from traditional sari dresses into parts of the imagery, which not only references my cultural heritage, but also acts as an inhibiter, preventing the viewer from fully seeing the detail of the painting underneath. This relates back to the struggle we have recalling our own memories and wanting to remember something more clearly but being physically unable to do so. My family’s collective memories are a diluted combination of thoughts, feelings, and events and are not an accurate account of reality, which I find to be very fascinating. I take this already distorted account of reality and further reimagine it in my own mind, creating my own fabricated memory or story represented through painting.


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Melissa Patel

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Melissa Patel is a Toronto based artist who works primarily in drawing, painting, and photography. She was born and raised in Canada, and is of Portuguese and Indian descent. Her multicultural background has been a key influence in her work, which she uses to explore themes of family, identity, memory, heritage, and her relationship to nature and the environment. She sees her work as a way to interpret and understand the world around her by breaking down real world elements and recapturing them through artistic media. She studied at OCAD University and has a BFA in Drawing and Painting. She currently exhibits her work in galleries across Toronto and in 2019 was one of six notable Canadian emerging artists to exhibit in the Daegu Art Fair in South Korea with Partial Gallery.