At the Beach No. 5

Paintings by Melanie Biehle seen at Private Residence, London - At the Beach No. 5
Private Residence, London, United Kingdom
"At The Beach No. 5" is part of my Endless Summer painting collection. ENDLESS SUMMER There’s a feeling of freedom associated with summer. Even though we’re no longer children running barefoot and free, there’s a sense of being unencumbered. A practice of getting out of your head, or at least trying to, and taking on a slower pace. Endless Summer encapsulates this free feeling of summer through color and light, providing a way to carry that attitude and energy with you even when the days turn gray. The collection is broken into two parts that create the whole. A Day at the Beach combines pastel hues and watery blues to create a sense of calming energy – relaxed, easy, slow, light. There’s a happiness to these paintings – not a high/jittery happy, but rather a calm knowing or a deep joy. Gratitude and appreciation. Time nearly stops to create the perfect reset. Tropical Nights is the second half – the electric, buzzing energy that makes up the whole. Warm pink, orangey reds, deep blues and violets meet bold mark making to create a tempo that moves back and forth between fast and slow. The passion and the energy of sultry tropical beats loosens your hips and your mind. Let go of thinking and begin to feel.


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