Created and Sold by Martyna Orzechowska

Martyna Orzechowska

Green Abstract Painting

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“Today I would like to send huge “Thanks” to my hometown Lubawa in Poland. To my friend from kindergarten! To the local politician and entrepreneur, who is also sensitive to art. Michal, thank you for giving me the opportunity to make my first private order as a painter! I am extremely glad that you are satisfied with the painting. This cooperation was a pure pleasure! It was quite a long way from Oslo to your office in Lubawa (1214 km), but everything went perfectly well! I hope the painting will bring a lot of joy to you and your beautiful family!”

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Martyna Orzechowska

Meet the Creator

Why do you paint? I paint for me. I paint for them. I paint for you.”

Martyna Orzechowska (MartinaOrzi) was born in the summer of 1984 in Poland.
Her art is a colourful interpretation of the human story (feelings, emotions, histories, experiences, memories) from an intuitive, sensory perspective. The painting takes shape in the making and is an image of the soul, heart and feelings present at that exact time.
“Painting is my balance. It’s not only about the process of putting on and taking off layers and layers of paint, adding texture, scraping, scumbling, and manipulating the surface of the canvas until it resonates with genuine experience.”

“It’s About Sharing the Positive Energy With the World, People,…with You!”