Paintings by Kathleen Krishnan seen at Private Residence, Minneapolis - Summer Field
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Item Summer Field
As seen in Private Residence, Minneapolis, MN

Summer Field

Paintings by Kathleen Krishnan, as seen in Private Residence, Minneapolis, MN

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Summer Field installed in its lovely new home over the breakfast table.

Meet the Creator

Kathleen Krishnan

Kathleen Krishnan

Minneapolis, MN

When it comes to art, I want one thing play with discover all the surprising ways it allows me to express a lifetime of observation of things I consider charmingly beautiful. I love to create space, flow and energy on a canvas. I am happy to use references in front of me as well as the plethora of nature’s impressions imprinted upon my brain.
Having been a nature walker my entire life, I seem to have a Rolodex in my brain of strong visual memories of beautiful things I have seen. These visual impressions inform my paintings as well as references in front of me and help me create paintings that have a dejavu feel to them. I hope my paintings elicit this type of response for anyone who views them, conjuring their own personal memories.

Available for commission/custom work