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Pots with succulent - Paintings


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A large contemporary oil painting. Morandi lead the way painting collections of bottles and pots. This work in oil continues that tradition but lends the subject matter a contemporary twist. Grey, green, blue, taupe, brown and white feature in this work.

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striking contemporary still life in oil paint

I paint in oils on canvas, linen or board. Colour is the dominant driver in all my works, creating vibrant still life and rich tonal landscapes. My paintings, created using oil paint, are inspired initially by colours I observe in the landscape and things around me. Although my work is mostly representational, I allow the mark-making and textures created as I layer the paint, to inform the image. My focus is the sense of place, or essence of the object rather than a strict representation of it. I sell through galleries and online as well as exhibiting twice yearly at the open studio events at Wimbledon Art Studios in London, UK.