Created and Sold by Jennifer Urquhart

Jennifer Urquhart
Paintings by Jennifer Urquhart seen at Private Residence, Los Angeles - The Cottage
Image credit: Emily Henderson

The Cottage

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The Cottage had been hanging in this beautiful styled home by Emily Henderson in Los Angeles. The Cottage by Jennifer Urquhart wash on etched wood board. Cold wax finished cedar and fir hand built frame.

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Jennifer Urquhart

Meet the Creator

This all started at my childhood home on ten acres in Washington state where I grew up next to a creek, a handful of cows. We had a tool for everything and the only spirit is DIY! This translates nicely to this strong Portland culture of DIY, re-use, and recycle, and the place I now proudly call home!

Pieces are done on recycled plywood. Paints are old, recycled and mis-tints. Colors are self-mixed and saved in jars. Frames are milled and built by me. First I sketch and then I etch. Colors are then decided and added in layers between rounds of sanding and scraping to reveal a landscape that, for me, evokes the many beauties of the Northwest.

My tools: belt-sander, chop saw, table saw, pull saw, Dremel, planer, multi-tool cordless sander, nail gun, compound miter vice, various needle files, sandpaper and steel wool.

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