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Windshield - Paintings


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Original watercolor painting, 32" x 44", 1999.
I identify with one entrenched American stereotype— I love a good road trip. When I was in grad school, I used to drive from Boulder to my parent’s ranch in the Texas Hill Country with my chow mix Sadie riding shotgun at my side. When we stopped for gas she would glower at anyone who came near the car including the shy, cute cowboy who wanted to buy me a cup of coffee in Paducah. Sadie just curled her lip and we moved on. Sometimes I could drive straight for 18 hours, fueled by youth and Blizzards and the romance of the road. I saw amazing things: masses of insects, drifts of antelopes, Nimbus clouds the size of planets, dreamy old pick up trucks, plastic bags snagged on trees that caught the headlights in an eerie way. This is a painting inspired by those days.

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I am an artist and designer who moves between abstraction and representation but is first and foremost informed by color.