Paintings by Ewan Keenan seen at Private Residence, London - 'Striped Chair'
Paintings by Ewan Keenan seen at Private Residence, London - 'Striped Chair'
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Item 'Striped Chair'
Created by Ewan Keenan
As seen in Private Residence, London, United Kingdom

'Striped Chair'

Paintings by Ewan Keenan, as seen in Private Residence, London, United Kingdom

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Ewan Keenan piece 'Striped Chair' hanging on a collectors wall in in London, United Kingdom. Striped Chair, is a 91 cm x 71 cm, acrylic and oil pastel on canvas.

Meet the Creator

Ewan Keenan

Ewan Keenan

United Kingdom

Ewan A. Keenan (born 1998) graduated from Camberwell College of Arts (University of the Arts London) with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting in 2019.

Ewan Keenan endeavours to capture the emotions of everyday people in a uniquely figural way. Often challenging the status quo, Keenan’s commentary on political and sociological discussion is met with confidence and vigour.

Preferring to distance himself from typical art historical theory, Keenan is keen to appeal to a wide spectrum of people.

One such way he comments on political issues is through the intentional use of dark humour and cultural satire, focusing on a time that is now rather than in the past. Painting people from all social and class backgrounds is a crucial part of his work. Keenan pays particular attention to looking at the state of Britain within the wider scope of the world be it good or bad.

Through the Eyes of a Millennial, Solo Exhibition at Daniel Benjamin Gallery, Notting Hill, London, 5th Sept – 5th Oct 2018.

FBA Futures at Mall Galleries, January 2020

Orbit, Group Exhibition at Bargehouse, OXO Tower, Southbank, London, September 2019.

Empty Set, group collective at Corsica Studios, London. 11th October, 2017 and 4th December, 2017. Several of Keenan’s works were featured amongst visual art projections, performance art and live music at this top London music venue.
Empty Set, group collective at Flying Dutchman, London. 9th March 2017.

p2, Copeland Gallery, London. February, 2019.

Over Capacity, CGP Gallery, London. 13th-14th January, 2018.

In October, 2018, Keenan was chosen as one of the “13 Artists you should Follow on Instagram” with gowithYamo.

In January 2019, Keenan had a six-page feature spread of his works in Nargis Magazine, based in Baku, Azerbaijan. Along with this, he had an interview with the fashion editor about his practice. He was tasked with coming up with six works relating to energy and six specific fashion brands.

Keenan’s paintings are in private collections in Switzerland, USA, United Kingdom, Norway, Costa Rica, Brazil, France and Switzerland. He has sold several paintings through AucArt, the worlds first online auction house specialising in early contemporary art. He has also sold artwork through his social media platforms to private international collectors, dealers and artists.

Available for commission/custom work