Paintings by Emily Sarah Art seen at Harry's Bar, Edinburgh - Urban Humanity
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Item Urban Humanity
Created by Emily Sarah Art
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Urban humanity is an Acrylic and oil composition painted by Emily Sarah Art in Red and grey to suit the rustic bar setting. The piece was a partially charitable works with 10% of the sale having gone to the MIND foundation.

Meet the Creator

Emily Sarah Art

Emily Sarah Art

Rustington, United Kingdom

Hard hitting colour, abstract and portrait art.

"Art is more than just a job; to me it's a therapy. Without it I truly wouldn't know how to Express myself"

Emily Sarah is a professional artist currently living and working in Sussex, England. Having started off learning to paint at the age of 15; Emily was initially mentored by L. Ridgers- whom alongside her college education- taught her to paint. Emily exhibited her first pieces at Brighton Art Fair as part of the LRFA company back in 2013; at the age of only 16. Since then she has gone on to show solo and collaborative work in Brighton and Chelsea (U.K.) Chicago and Los Angeles (U.S.) and in Hong Kong both under the name Emily Sarah and her street artist Pseudonym Cobz.

Sarah grew up on the coast in West Sussex, U.K where she now lives today. Emily started to find a love of medium body and liquid acrylics at 15 years old when working for Ridgers. This was then blended with her knowledge of spray paints and oils that she uses in harmony to create both portrait and abstract work with a unique, fresh look.

"For me nature is my biggest inspiration. The textures around me and the intrigue behind how the paint can be manipulated to echo those sights. I love working on new looks and playing with new mediums and tools, be it a brush or a broom- anything to create something intriguing that will leave people guessing and wanting to look closer."

Available for commission/custom work