Created and Sold by Christofer C. Dierdorff

Christofer C. Dierdorff

The Intimacy of Place - Paintings

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The 12 large-scale glass mosaic portraits of everyday people were created by Christofer C. Dierdorff at the 23rd Street Metro station. This passionate photographer is known for capturing rich, famous, and notorious subject materials like this piece called "The Intimacy of Place". It depicts a myriad of subjects ranging from a milliner, boxer, and baker to a firefighter, priest, and tire shop owner.
"Metro is not about people, Metro is people – thousands and thousands of different people every day. Each with their own story, their own worries, their own triumphs and their own tragedies – each different, each rare, each unique and each irreplaceable. The people who ride Metro every day are the same people from your favorite memory. They are your grandmother, your mother, your sister and your best friend. This artwork celebrates those people"

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