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Created and Sold by Blackmore Studios Cassandria

Blackmore Studios Cassandria

Phoibos - Paintings

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“Internationally acclaimed artist Cassandria Blackmore grew up listening to stories about the original Waldorf=Astoria from her grandmother, a popular New York socialite, notable dancer, and frequent guest of the hotel in the early 1940s.

When Cassandria was commissioned to create a special piece for Waldorf Astoria Orlando, she was excited about the opportunity to pay homage to her grandmother, who had often described these grand experiences at the Waldorf as the best times of her life.

The finished artwork, which is proudly displayed behind the front desk, is called “Phoibos” which is Greek for “Shining One, Radiant, Bright and Pure” and it is also a reference to her late grandmother, Phoebe.”