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Created and Sold by Caroline Truong

Caroline Truong
Paintings | Paintings by Caroline Truong | Adore Dentistry in Houston
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Featured In Adore Dentistry, Houston, TX

Dream Bird is up on the walls at Adore Dentistry in the Heights. I love how they use their dental practice as a force for good in the community, such as pro bono work for non-profits, the staff putting in volunteer hours, and even featuring artwork from local artists in their space. Sales from the artwork get donated to a local nonprofit. Visit Adore to not only get great dental service, but also feel good knowing you’re supporting a business that supports the community.

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Caroline Truong
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
I’m a Vietnamese American born and raised in Houston, Texas. When I paint, I go to my happy place, therefore, the things I end up painting are simply things that make me happy.

I’ve always enjoyed painting and drawing as a hobby since childhood. It turned into a necessity when I became an adult as a way to improve my mental health. Typically, art on the topic of anxiety and depression bears a dark tone, but I take a lighter approach with uplifting colors, inspirational lettering, and character called Dream Bird.

Dream Bird is a character I created that depicts the life I aspire to live. Its constant state of dreaming is symbolized by having closed eyes and being in grayscale amidst colorful backgrounds. Often, Dream Bird is paired with quotes called “Dream Bird Mantras”, which are things I tell myself to practice mindfulness.