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Created and Sold by Brett Smith

Brett Smith

Scaffold - Paintings

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Brett Smith created a black and white artwork made from oil and wax on panel. Found at a wall in Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel, this piece features white straight and diagonal lines on a black background.

Brett Smith
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2017
"My goal as an artist is to distill that which has been observed into a simple mark or gesture so that each dot and each line will possess a life of its own. I tend to filter the botanical world through my conscious and sub-conscious mind, meditating on the various forms and images, finally drafting a new reality through a process of automatic drawing and painting. Experimentation, invention and accident play a pivotal role in my quest to achieve visual poetry.

As a child I remember being fascinated by the forms and shapes of trees, flowers and leaves, being amazed by the endless combinations of form, texture and color. Therefore it is not a surprise that these are the same images and themes that move through my paintings and drawings now. By observing the constant change as things grow, flourish and finally decay, I find that I am able to examine that fine line between beauty and destruction."