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Created and Sold by Amanda Szopinski

Amanda Szopinski
Sanará | Paintings by Amanda Szopinski
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Sanará | Paintings by Amanda Szopinski
Sanará | Paintings by Amanda Szopinski
Sanará | Paintings by Amanda Szopinski

Sanará - Paintings

Starts at $5,000

Creation: 4-12 weeks

Lost in the movement of the sea, all the energy it provides, and the dynamic changing colors, it has become her muse, touching her soul with every interaction. Amanda takes this flow and transfers it into her process of creating, saturating the canvas with its clarity and depths. She transitions from water to studio in her days, bringing to the canvas the sensory exposure, allowing for the personal intimacy to transform into technique and detail. Canvas soaked, rich in colors that honor the profound effects the sea has on her. Amanda began to paint the ocean and shorelines with more passion after moving to Baja California Sur, MX where she would run, swim and paddle with her dog, Beau.

“It was a place to feel free. My respect for the sea and the life it holds became much more raw. I wish to think my art is a way of bringing awareness of it’s beauty, its delicate nature, and how essential the ocean is to our lives.”

Experiencing these waters and its sea life gave her all the reasons to be an advocate for its existence

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Item Sanará
Created by Amanda Szopinski
As seen in Private Residence, San José del Cabo, Mexico
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Amanda Szopinski
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
of the ocean for the ocean

“Conveying the depths and beauty of our seas and coastlines in my art, I hope to inspire and empower others to experience, protect, and preserve them.”