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Tiffany Bozic
Murals by Tiffany Bozic seen at Sausalito, Sausalito - ‘Red X’ mural

‘Red X’ mural

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For this project Tiffany Bozic decided to bring something close out of the dark, so she chose to paint/airbrush local Ctenophores (comb jellies) that are found in the deep ocean just past the Farallon Islands. She included Modeeria, Lampocteis, + several sea gooseberries. Also included a new species scientists just discovered & nicknamed ‘Red X’. Special thanks to Biologists Wyatt Patry and Steven Haddock Monterey Bay Aquarium for all their crucial help! Also my dears Rebecca Johnson and Rich Mooi from California Academy of Sciences for their wisdom & advice! Last but not least, HUGE thanks to Krinstin farr for believing in this mural!

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Tiffany Bozic

Meet the Creator

I create science based paintings that explore our connection to the natural world.

Tiffany Bozic is a California artist whose work has been described as John James Audubon on acid. Her work evokes the tradition of tightly rendered nature illustration, which she explodes with highly emotional, surreal metaphors. Not so much departing from reality as articulating it more deeply, Bozic makes paintings in which a faun can simultaneously be alive and dead. A population of blackbirds become as one in a perfect sphere of black oil. As nature is ever more subjugated by human impacts, Bozic corrects the balance sheet. She establishes inescapable chains of consequence among the myriad species whose interactions create the world. The work is beautiful, celebratory, but can also be quite difficult. The complexities of natural processes like death and decomposition percolate through pictures of otherwise shining life. Painting on masked and stained maple panels with watered-down acrylic, Bozic summons the grain of the wood into her compositions. With her ornithologist husband and school-aged daughter, Bozic spends significant time in wild places, the rhythms of which are evident in her vision. The subject of several solo exhibitions and included in many group shows across the country, Bozic is at the forefront of artists today redefining the aesthetics and imperatives of global change. Her work has been collected in two books, both published by Gingko Press: Drawn By Instinct (2012) and Unnatural Selections (2019).