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Shane Wilcox
Murals by Shane Wilcox seen at Private Residence, London - Garage Door Mural
Image credit: Kim from Studio SHIM -

Garage Door Mural


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One of a Kind item
"We set about transforming a rather drab and much too modern/bright white garage door so it would fit with not only our upcoming makeover colour scheme (mustard, burgundy, forest green), but also our aesthetics. We bounced a few ideas off Shane Wilcox Artist and ultimately he conceived this brilliant work of art. The loose concept was, what if rather than a door to a garage, it instead was a portal or looking glass into the realms of our garden on the other side. Now passers-by can enjoy more than a laneway view and our regulars (Chippy, Burt and Alberta) are immortalized. Thank you Shane - we love it!" HowieZowie

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Shane Wilcox

Meet the Creator

Multi-Talented Freelance Artist

Flow and symmetry. Push with pull.
Projection of moving nature.
Showing the hidden in plain sight.
His work has always been an expression
of perspective from deeper dimension.

Feeling blessed and very grateful to have such a gift.
Shane Wilcox, born and living in London.
Recognize his creative path from early on.
He was originally inspired by his father.
Tim Wilcox, a traditional sign writer / graphic Artist.
The life-long journey in pursuit of living for passion with purpose begins from there and will always stay on course.

While being very very diverse an artistic skill.
Accomplishing and being recognized for many achievements.
Shane is above all, a humble Soul.
Caring most about trying to live in Peace, Love & Harmony
with everyone and everything on our precious mother Gaia.
His main hope is to share and Inspire this important message.
Best way he knows how...