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Scott Hunter Fine Art
Murals by Scott Hunter Fine Art seen at Yoga Flow, Aspinwall - Sugar Cafe Mural

Sugar Cafe Mural

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Stunning and colorful Mural by Scott Hunter features lotus, chakra, yin yan and buddha at Yoga Flow, Aspinwall, PA.

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Scott Hunter Fine Art

Meet the Creator

Scott studied painting and art history at Boston University. He graduated in 1993 after a classically structured education based on intensive studio training and drawing from life. His related experience includes theatrical set design, illustration, commissioned portraits and wall murals.

Scott’s work is rooted in tradition, drawn from life and constructed with imagination. It is about the arrangement of images, textures, colors and shapes. Working in both a representational and non-representational manner while struggling with the need to merge figuration with a love of abstract expressionism, he produces two distinct bodies of work. Both tend to evoke a specific place or memory. The construction of each resonates with emotional presence.

Scott hopes that each new painting or collage is a step forward. When successful, one piece will inform the next and allow it to become something entirely new.

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