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Created and Sold by Remed & the Arts

Remed & the Arts

El Hombre Jaguar - Murals

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This large painting by Remed, El Hombre Jaguar, is made of Acrylic on wood and inspired by a trip to Mexico. Remed tells the story:
" While I was in Newyork, I’ve been proposed to realize an indoor mural for a great Mexican restaurant in Soho. I was just coming back from Cholula, a town in Mexico literally built on a pyramid, on which was then built a Church, over which I saw a large rainbow while I was painting a Jaguar... So hopefully, in Newyork, I’ve been able to create a colored version of the jaguar previously born in Mexico...

If you look enough time, you might recognize a “U” shape representing the tail of the jag on the extreme left of the picture. A reverse dark half of a sphère marks the bottom of the metamorphosing being. Under this shape, his leg kneels. He doubles his second leg as if hé was about to run. On the right of the first column, you can see his arm laying over a reversed bowl. His hand holds the upper part of the sphere from wich a sort of diamond comes out. Behind the right column, there is his head who seems to be the face of a man. His eyes, though, are levitating. On the right of the picture, you can see an extension of his head, or is it his mask? in thé shape of a feline profile, spitting fire under the moon."

Item El Hombre Jaguar
Created by Remed & the Arts