Created and Sold by Max Sansing

Max Sansing
Kris Bryant | Murals by Max Sansing | HVAC Pub in Chicago

Kris Bryant - Murals

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Red Bull commissioned baseball loving graffiti artists Hebru Brantley and Max Sansing to do this photorealistic mural of Chicago Cubs star Kris Bryant. The work can be seen at the HVAC Pub, in Lakeview, a block south of Wrigley Field.

Bryant’s face was done by Sansing, which is incorporated into Brantley’s famous pop-infused contemporary art style. Bryant’s likeness is flanked by a collage of several smaller images done by Brantley, telling the story of Bryant’s life and who he is as a person.
"We're talking about an individual [who] has been able to perform certain feats, and do certain things that have made them exceptional or above and beyond the rest," Brantley said of Bryant.

Brantley and Sansing, who have known each other since they were 15, came together to collaborate for the first time in their professional careers on the unique project. Owners of the HVAC Pub initiated the idea when they began looking into using the space in a way that would show their support for Bryant's team.

After learning that Bryant is a big fan of Brantley’s work, the project came to fruition.

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