Created and Sold by Jirayr H. Zorthian

Jirayr H. Zorthian
Mohawk Valley – Early St. Johnsville Pioneers | Murals by Jirayr H. Zorthian | United States Postal Service, St Johnsville, NY in Saint Johnsville

Mohawk Valley – Early St. Johnsville Pioneers - Murals

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The historic post office building in St. Johnsville, New York houses a mural titled “Mohawk Valley – Early St. Johnsville Pioneers,”. It was painted in the classic Italian fresco style in 1940 by Jirayr H. Zorthian.
It shows scenes telling the overall story of the pioneer influence within the valley. Although Jirayr, a perfectionist, spent much time in St. Johnsville preparing to create this mural by looking at photos and reading about the Anglo-American history of the Mohawk Valley, he seemingly did not spend the same attention to the people after whom the valley was named and to whom the original title to the land belonged.

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