Murals by Jennifer Ewing seen at San Francisco SPCA Veterinary Hospital Pacific Heights, San Francisco - Tribute Mural to Honor Pets
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There is a grand staircase leading up to the adoption center that holds our Pets Mural. One wall featured cats seen in a window of a typical Victorian House and adjoining longer wall featured dogs at play in the nearby park with a bench and wall below. Both the siding on the house and the wall of the green space gave us opportunities to hand paint names of departed pets. A client could find their pet’s name within the art work as a way to memorialize their life.
Formerly known as Pets Unlimited, this pet adoption center and veterinary clinic commissioned this mural in 2007 to serve not only as a testament to their location in and service to the Pacific Heights community, but also as a way that clients could honor their departed pets and contribute to the adoption center.

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Jennifer Ewing

Jennifer Ewing

San Francisco, CA

Our work makes walls come alive, spaces open to new dimension and color to enrich environments. Our love of landscape, architecture and a natural color palette have inspired us as we work closely with private and commercial clients. We have been painting murals and commissioned fine artwork since 1989. Our studios are located in a historic converted warehouse in the San Francisco Mission District.

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