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Fernando Cisneros
Murals by Fernando Cisneros seen at Westfield San Francisco Centre, San Francisco - Love is Love

Love is Love

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““Love is Love”” is a series of three pieces. I did the images for the Westfield contest this year, and they got selected. One of the images is a man (made out of many men), the other one a woman (made out of many women), and the other one is a hybrid of both (man and woman, since we all have both genes within us). The three pieces were influenced by technology, science, biology and social media too. But the main inspiration was Love. Loving ourselves is very important to overcome difficulties.

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Fernando Cisneros

Meet the Creator

Fernando was born and raised in Mexico, but developed his art skill in the US. He is a multimedia artist and a graphic designer, inspired by pop culture and technology.

Fernando’s paintings are melancholic snapshots from the past, yet they represent the future. There is love, heartbreak, titles taken from pop songs, and colors from pop art. Suggestive figures and the union of feminine and masculine beings shape his paintings and express a constantly changing world.”