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Created and Sold by Fasm Creative

Fasm Creative

Enslen Eagles - Murals

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A simple mural made by Fasm Creative was found at his elementary school in California, the Enslen Elementary School. It suits the persona of the school perfectly. It depicts an eagle with the words Enslen Eagles to represent the athletes of the school.

Item Enslen Eagles
Created by Fasm Creative
Fasm Creative
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
(Born in 1976) Graffiti artist/muralist Fasm (birth name Aaron Vickery) from Modesto, CA rebelled in his teen years by tagging illegally, beginning in 1991. From 1993 to 1996 Fasm was a member of and heavily influenced by the LORDS crew which now consists of hundreds of international members. In 1996 He started painting legal graffiti and doing paid murals as well as co-founding Gospel Graffiti crew(GG crew). GG crew has members across the globe. In 2014 the first of many Fasm Creative Battles(a graffiti competition) was held in Modesto, CA. Fasm does murals for a living under the company name Fasm Creative.