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Deco Farkas
Murals by Deco Farkas at Sebolandia Shop Lapa, Alto da Lapa - Manuel Bandeira Mural

Manuel Bandeira Mural

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Gentle Manuel Bandeira mural by Deco Farkas on the exterior wall of Sebolandia Shop Lapa in São Paulo

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Deco Farkas
Meet the Creator
The Brazilian designer André Farkas, a.k.a. Treco, works with video, animation, drawing and painting. He often mixes techniques and graphic languages with the intent to produce something fresh and ironically ‘ignorant’. André Farkas graduated in fine arts from the institute Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) in São Paulo.

Treco began painting in the streets of São Paulo in 2010. As a kid he always love to draw and with time he started to feel that he needed to do something bigger and be in the public space. He has lived in the city all his life but street art allows him to access new, interesting and inspiring subjects, and in a sense to travel within the city.

He cycles to his locations, piling his equipment onto the bike’s carrier. It is a way of exchanging with the city, attaining something new and unexpected. Using spray paint or acrylic, Treco contributes with playful, thoughtful and rather surreal artistic interventions.

His graffiti if sometimes accompanied by letters of the Russian alphabet in order to arouse the curiosity of Brazilians. It’s a critical eye over the way people consume information today, and how publicity impacts audiences with superficial messages. The words in Russian generate an effort from the viewer, whom really needs to concentrate in the picture to appreciate all elements.

During the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 André Farkas was invited to create and paint four giant inflatables used in the opening ceremony. He has also invited to join a group of Brazilian artists that painted the neighborhood of Soho in London during the “Braziliarty Pop Up Show”