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Wayfair...the Chicago Way! | Murals by Crayons Gone Wild . Ken Markiewicz | Wayfair, LLC - S. Elgin in South Elgin
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Wayfair...the Chicago Way! - Murals

Featured In Wayfair, LLC - S. Elgin, South Elgin, IL

This is truly a company that respects and takes care of their employees, and small businesses like ours! This was a very unique, fun style to paint, and quite the challenge to paint in-between lunch breaks. If you look closely, you can find many hidden icons, logos, and surprises within the mural:)

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Crayons Gone Wild . Ken Markiewicz
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
You think it, we create it! From soft and friendly, to bold and exciting...we will exceed your expectations and simply make you smile:)

My mother taught me …
Never to run with scissors

Or to draw on walls

Well, I don’t run with scissors!

-- But, I did have the urge to draw on walls --

I ignored the urge and held off until 7th grade, and then I did the unthinkable… I asked my Mom for permission to DRAW King Kong ON MY WALL, gulp! Surprisingly, she didn’t hesitate, she said “YES,” and my long-running mural career was born. She had no idea, in that moment, that not only did she give me permission to draw on my walls, but she’d also given me permission to be myself and do what I love!

Fast forward >> All kidding aside, a little humor, passion, and an artistic gift has suited us well. I am an artist… it’s in my blood and in my heart… I am grateful that my wife understands that, and has not only supported my passion for over 22 years now, but has joined me in creating the business we have today.

We offer a unique blend of truly personalized design, 3D style painting, years of professional experience, and the ability to work in a variety of artistic styles (diverse looks… by just one artist) – all giving you the quality and convenience you desire.

Whether you’re in a residence, small business, or large company, we’ll transform your environment to bring energy and life that’ll not only give you a great feeling, but will exceed all your expectations! We work with small and large businesses alike, from blueprints and construction, to days before opening, we’ve done it all – and most importantly… on time! Your project will be completed when scheduled (without any unforeseen building/construction delays).