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Christine Nguyen
Murals by Christine Nguyen seen at Malibu Library, Malibu - Oceanic Cosmic Whisper

Oceanic Cosmic Whisper

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"Oceanic Cosmic Whisper" (porcelain enamel; 8' x 14'; 2012) by Christine Nguyen is an underwater dreamscape that transports visitors to the Malibu Library into a world where the real and surreal meet through an exploration of the areas plant and aquatic life.

Faintly visible line breaks in the piece remind the viewers of the artist’s hand and the slippage of passages of time. At first glance, this picture seems to depict the quietness of the ocean floor, but with deeper investigation, the scene comes to life.

The large underwater mountains begin to shift and glow with splashes of aqua and orange. A fantastic array of bright kelp-like plants maneuvers upwards and dances with the currents of the ocean. Streams of light jet through the frame and catch the attention of two jellyfish with tails made of strands of pearls. In the distance, a school of arrow-shaped fish swims by on their way to somewhere far away.

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