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Created and Sold by Brian Barneclo

Brian Barneclo

Mezcalito Mural

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The mural is comprised of three distinct images that pop on four-color blocks of slightly different shapes. Going from right to left is a farmer known as the Mezcalero harvesting an agave plant at the end of his extended leg followed by three oversized agave piñas (the heart of the plant) and a decanter. Upon closer examination there are hidden elements for the mezcal or tequila aficionado to pick up. In the white space leading down to the agave is a lightening bolt. One of the teal blocks is shaped like a Mayan pyramid that is found around Oaxaca and the entire white boarder crumbles into small fragments like Sal de Gusano (worm salt) which famously accompanies mezcal.

Item Mezcalito Mural
Created by Brian Barneclo
Brian Barneclo
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2018
Brian Barneclo (b. 1972 Indianapolis IN) - is a San Francisco based fine artist and muralist. Barneclo is credited with creating the largest mural in the San Francisco Bay Area, “Systems” (2011) which comes in at 600 feet long and 40 feet high. He was raised in Indianapolis and studied fine arts and art history at Indiana University (BA 1995). Drawn to San Francisco by its cultural legacy of innovation and creativity (ie., Beat, Hippie, Punk, Skate culture), he has since found the distinct and interwoven neighborhoods to have had the greatest influence on his work. He describes himself as a “sign painter gone rogue” when explaining his approach- a graphic style born in letterform but with far reaching influences from all sectors of culture. From large scale to small, it is likely to see his sensibilities adjust based on the context in which he is working, whether it be studio, street or storefront. His style, however, remains unmistakeable.