Created and Sold by Art by Alicia Silvestri

Art by Alicia Silvestri
Murals by Art by Alicia Silvestri at Uber Greenlight, Austin - Uber Austin Mural

Uber Austin Mural

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I was hired in 2016 to design, paint, and assemble a large metal installation piece at the UBER Austin driver headquarters. With the success of this installation, I was asked to come back and repaint the entire space for UBER’s latest design change. After being shown the specs of their initial plan, I encouraged the executives I was working with to take a different approach and was given free range of the entire space. These are some good shots of the mural painted including panorama photos.

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Art by Alicia Silvestri
Meet the Creator
An Austin-based artist, originally from Boston, Alicia has received scholarships, grants, and awards for her highly detailed and eye-catching work.

Alicia obtained her art skills at a young age by studying her mother's work. In various theater productions, Alicia has designed stage sets and led crew members in building those sets. She has taught art lessons to both kids and adults in numerous education programs. At age 24, Alicia started her own freelance art and face-painting business, combining her love of painting with her background in childcare. Her business has expanded over the past three years, giving Alicia wonderful opportunities, such as providing artwork for a student-produced short film, creating the menu and chalkboard art for TOMS Austin, painting the store logo on the front of Rachel Ray's first-ever pop-up shop, and creating a mural for the Austin UBER headquarters.