Canada Israel Offices | Lighting Design by Rama Mendelsohn Lighting Design
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Image credit: Amit Giron

Canada Israel Offices - Lighting Design

Featured In Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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The lobby Canada Israel’s elegant offices boasts a skylight-like fixture above the reception desk, giving the feel of natural sunlight as well as providing functional work lighting. The large conference room is separated from the floor by a strip light installed at the bottom to give the appearance that it’s floating. The ceiling of the conference room is the translucent bottom of an ornamental pool located on the roof, and from it hangs a lighting fixture designed by Ingo Maurer, resembling a bird’s wings, complementing the outside light.

The offices are decorated in a modern style with monochromatic color scheme, with playful injections of color and visual interest scattered throughout the space. Cylindrical light fixtures hang from the ceiling at different heights and colors in the staff cafeteria. The main conference room is illuminated by the Heracleum fixture from Moooi, inspired by the crowns of the Greek gods. Functional lighting is provided by spots embedded into the wooden ceiling.

The corridors are illuminated by lights fitted into hidden slots, and the steps of the suspended staircase leading to the roof are crafted from wood, allowing daylight to break through and light the space.

The smaller conference room, with the round table, is illuminated by VIABIZZUNO’s CURVO 094 ring profile system with industrial-looking spotlights installed on it. The table and fixture are the same size, and embedded into the table is an upward facing light which highlights the distance between the table and the ceiling.

Client: Canada Israel
Interior Design: Orly Shrem
Photo: Amit Giron

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Rama Mendelsohn Lighting Design
Meet the Creator
I am Rama Mendelsohn, founder and owner of Rama Mendelsohn Lighting Design, which was opened in 2010. For me, lighting design is its own language which conveys messages and expresses emotions. Light draws the eye across a space, taking you on a trip that can flood your senses with texture and color, evoking many emotions along the way.
Lighting changes atmosphere, mood.
When I design a project, the space becomes a story in itself, an experience that begins from the outside pathway, through the front garden, to the interior space. I see the architecture, research the client’s needs and habits, and develop a customized lighting concept for the project so that a personal and unique design is implemented.

Light is the spirit that breathes life into matter.
My path in the design world began about 15 years ago. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in interior design, and then fulfilled a dream when I went to study for a master’s degree at the New York School of Interior Design. I was first exposed to the study of lighting design which was part of a course I took during my graduate studies. I knew then that something had shifted for me. I submitted the project I created during this course for consideration in the Cooper Lighting competition and won first place in the United States. When I completed my studies, I returned to Israel and worked for five years at the RTLD Lighting Office on projects for some of the largest clients in the Israeli and European markets.

Following some incredibly rewarding and educational experiences, I opened an independent lighting design studio, which has now grown to a total of 4 designers. We work with architects, designers, and international and Israeli entrepreneurs. My team and I strive to provide designs that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. I bring my unique fingerprint to each design in such a way that helps my clients realize the ideas visually. I do not adhere to one design style, but combine worlds and adapt myself to each project.

In addition, I design and create decorative lighting fixtures that integrate with the design language of my projects. This desire to manufacture lighting fixtures was born out of the need to provide effective lighting solutions to address the unique needs of customers who were unable to fulfill them with the fixtures available in the market.

My studio had the honor of winning the 2017 award for lighting design for the Herbert Samuel 10 residential tower project in Tel Aviv. I was chosen because I successfully managed to compliment the building by illuminating it and was able to highlight it further by adding a design language of lighting, which provided additional added value in its own right.

A customer once said that I connect the lines between interior and exterior, between the architect, designer, and engineer. For me, lighting design is an interesting and challenging field because it requires the combination of design, which is an emotional language, and technical knowledge of electricity, volumes and materials. In each project, I try to bring a different perspective, a fresh and cool interpretation tailored to the structure’s vision. I’m so grateful to do what I love every day.