Lamps by Marc de Groot Design seen at Private Residence, Amsterdam - Beehive lamp
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Item Beehive lamp
As seen in Private Residence, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Beehive lamp

Lamps by Marc de Groot Design, as seen in Private Residence, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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This glowing home interior in Westerpark features this brass Beehive lamp made by Marc de Groot. Marc used the fascinating structure of the honeycomb as a starting point. The structure of the honeycomb, which Darwin in 1859 already designated absolutely perfect, appears to be a unique base for light. It creates a new vision on the use of the honeycomb structure. This beautiful combination of form and function creates the Beehive natural light. It has a sophisticated balance in light and shade.

Meet the Creator

Marc de Groot Design

Marc de Groot Design

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Marc de Groot has designed a method that offers many creative possibilities. It is like metal origami: when assembled the laser-cut components form a complex constellation that will surprise and astonish.

With the work he creates an atmosphere where the brightness of his mind becomes visible. His lamps form a natural calm in space combined with playful functionality.

In his Amsterdam based studio Marc focuses on the creation of light.
Simplicity, craftsmanship and eye for detail without losing the functional aspects.

Available for commission/custom work