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Interior Design by O&O Studio seen at Cool Docks, Huangpu Qu - MOONCRAFT
Image credit: Tian Fang Fang


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MOONCRAFT is a boutique bar that takes inspirations from the Shanghai Bund history and the local context, where O&O STUDIO take a bold step of integrating the branding, architecture and interior design as one identity. Three unified ground floor units are turned into a mood-lit space specialising in handcrafted beer and whiskey. The motif of a full moon floating over the river runs subtly through the décor of circular bar shelves, mirrored discs, and clouds of glass hanging off the ceiling. It is a place that fills with time and stories, for one to sense and embraced with a tipsy and emotional moment.

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Mooncraft - a locale that holds new moments and memories created by the patrons that echo through its longstanding Shaghai Bund history.

“Originate – As We Envision, Originate – As We Create”

O&O STUDIO, a design-led studio that do not provide standardised formula, with a strong believe that each project has its own origin. Each design proposal is originated from a critical and cohesive process of strategic and visual thinking through to the end users’ evaluation. Every spatial creation do not only perform by itself but as importantly as with the context and the end users, particularly for the next generation.

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