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Image credit: Luka Charlet

Dorian ETIENNE - Interior Design

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Ephemeral pop-up cafe in a unknown Gobelins chapel.

Invoke the vibration of the stained glass windows light by a landscape furniture. During a coffee time, the central island allows you to choose a posture of contemplation and immersion in the place.

Collaboration with Luka Charlet, Alexandra Boursier, Ines Alaoui and Pauline Nooday.
Plywood, polyether foam, polyurethane foam, PET, aluminum.
Dimensions : 7000 x 4000 x 815 mm.


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Dorian Étienne • Design Studio

Meet the Creator

I think my designer's mission is to make people dream ; to bring them into a mood, a culture, an unknown territory, by the object. It could be summed up in one sentence : Show me how the world can be beautiful !

Product designer graduated from the Boulle School, Dorian Etienne combines craftsmanship and design, tradition, and modernity.

Anchored in near or distant territories, he observes cultures and histories, techniques, and materials. The richness of the world's cultural heritages inspires him throughout his work. Following this lead thread, braided of Human and Nature, he creates sensible and sensitive products: “objets métissés”.

Furthermore, experimentation is at the heart of his creation. The new features of the material are his library of ideas; then he invents new uses.

Fundamentally his approach is respectful of the environment, from design to production.