Furniture by Gerardi Design seen at Outer Limits Tattoo, Costa Mesa, Costa Mesa - Storefront Awning / Fascade
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Item Storefront Awning / Fascade
Created by Gerardi Design
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Mark Gerardi is an industrial designer and artist who founded Gerardi Design. He created this unique rustic storefront awning that beautifies the Outer Limits Tattoo in Costa Mesa. "When renowned tattoo artist and proprietor Kari Barba first came to me, she had a sketch of what looked like a tribal armband tattoo, and asked me to interpret it as a badass storefront awning."

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Gerardi Design

Gerardi Design


My name is Mark Gerardi, I am an artist, and industrial designer with a passion for Art, architecture and mixed media fabrication. I began interning and working diverse design disciplines within my first year of school 1994 and graduated from Humber college school of Industrial Design - Toronto, Canada in 1998.

This passion has led me to develop an all-inclusive Art, Design and custom manufacturing firm. Gerardi Design was founded in 2000 in Orange County, California. My diverse portfolio has included large-scale art installations, commercial projects, restaurants, offices and residential homes.“

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