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Focused Skateboard Woodworks
Furniture by Focused Skateboard Woodworks seen at Golden Road Brewing Anaheim, Anaheim - Golden Road Recycled Skateboard Bartop

Golden Road Recycled Skateboard Bartop


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12 meter (40 foot) long DecksTop bartop constructed for Golden Road Brewing (Los Angeles USA). The bartop was constructed from over 400 recycled skateboards and is now located at the new Golden Road Pub in Anaheim right across the Angels stadium. A special feature of the bartop is the rainnbow waterfall drop to the lower bar segment.

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Focused Skateboard Woodworks

Meet the Creator

Design furniture made from recycled skateboards.

We're a Dutch design studio specialized in recycling skateboards into sleek and colourful design furniture. No matter how old a skateboard is, the colours of those old seven plies are still full of life. By recycling skateboards, we not only combine the colourful look and strength of sevenply maple into sustainable furniture designs. We also give those old rides a new life. Instead of letting them fade in the dark, we let those seven plies shine in your studio, office or home. Every piece of furniture has its own story to tell.