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Dining Room Separation | Furniture by Bloomming, Bas van Leeuwen & Mireille Meijs
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Dining Room Separation - Furniture

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Hanging room divider Facet 102 x 207cm in Pearl Gray
Ceiling attachment length: 23cm [9.1"]
Screen height: 207cm [81.5″]
Total height: 230cm [90.6"]
Width: 102cm [40.2"]
Color: Pearl Gray

Using facet as a dining room separation will help you achieve this goal in a very elegant and unique way just like the interior designer did in this interior.

In this residential home in Singapore, the interior designer chose the Facet Hanging Room Divider in Pearl Gray. Pearl Gray is a classic warm gray color that ties in perfectly with the color scheme of the furniture and wall decorations. Facet consists of a pleasing pattern of geometric shapes. Because of this, the interior designer kept the rest of the room quite simple so that it would not end up looking too busy. The geometric shape of the facets is complimented by bringing a similar shape back which you can see in the design of the cushion as well as the back wall decoration. Colors like gold, mustard, and pink are used in the accessories to add to the warmth and interest of the room.

What you cannot see in this picture, is that these facets can also turn around. This feature enables you to create a more open space at times that you want that and at other times, you can just leave them closed as is seen in this photo. The special design of the facets also enables it to catch light in interesting and unique ways. This makes this dining room separation playful and captivating.

The dining room divider, Facet, can be ordered in almost any width that will work in your interior design project. As you can see in the photo, this is not a huge dining room. The width of the dining room divider is only 102 cm. More or less the same width as the dining room table. Hereby the interior designer is creating a cozy dining room, without making it feel like a cramped space. She also made sure there is ample space between the room divider and the table to comfortably move between the two pieces of furniture.

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Item Dining Room Separation
As seen in Private Residence, Singapore
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