Cups by Splendid Wren Ceramics, in Private ResidenceLondon, United Kingdom

Cups by Splendid Wren Ceramics seen at Private Residence, London - Ceramic Cup
Image credit: Faustine Hug

Ceramic Cup

Stunning shot of this ceramic cup made by Splendid Wren Ceramics with Cacao Hot Chocolate in this beautiful home in London.
inPrivate ResidenceLondon, United Kingdom

Meet the Creator

Hi I’m Catherine Field, the maker behind Splendid Wren Ceramics. Growing up on a farm, surrounded by nature, I spent a lot of time making mud pies in the dams and creeks, and now I get to work with clay every day. It is lovely reconnecting with that side of me and it is very earthing. It is a peaceful and meditative process.

I hand build most of my pieces and love experimenting with clays and glazes to get different textures, finishes and degrees of speckle.

My work with clay has enabled me to slow down the pace of every day life and embrace the small joys, in particular being present for my young family.